Uranium in WA

Explore the google map below to find out where companies are drilling for uranium, you can click on the blocks to find out more about each individual site.

  • In 2017 the Labor Government announced a ban on uranium mining in WA except for 4 proposed uranium projects. Mulga Rock, Wiluna, Kintyre and Yeelirrie.
  • The approvals for Kintyre, Wiluna and Yeelirrie have all expired! This means they cannot be developed without seeking amendments or new approvals from the Government.
  • There are no operating uranium mines in WA, but Vimy Resources Mulga Rock uranium project is being advanced. They still need additional permits, licenses, agreements and funding to develop the mine.
  • Exploration for uranium has been allowed to continue under this Government despite the Labor party policy opposing uranium mining
  • If you see or hear of any uranium activities please get in contact. wanfa.org.au(at)gmail.com

Download this excel spreadsheet for a full list of uranium companies and their active drillings programs. WA uranium companies and drilling programs.

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