WANFA was formed out of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) meeting in September 2009 on Nukunu country, Quorn, South Australia. Formed in 1997, ANFA (formerly the Alliance Against Uranium) has been bringing together Aboriginal people, relevant NGO’s and health professionals concerned about existing or proposed nuclear developments in Australia, particularly on Aboriginal homelands. The Alliance played an important role in initiating and building the successful campaigns to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine and a national nuclear dump proposed for South Australia.

The 2019 – 2020 WANFA committee:

  • Vicky McCabe – ANFA Co-Chair (Goldfields)
  • Claire Anderson
  • KA Garlick
WA delegation to the 2017 ANFA meeting – Kaurna Country – Adelaide SAFounders:

Founding Members:

Della Rae Morrison, Geoffrey Stokes, Ken Hayward, Merle Dann and Richard Evans founded WANFA in 2009.

Honorary Members:

Mr Glen Cooke, Jeanette McGrath, Kado Muir who continue to play a vital role in building, supporting and advising WANFA.

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  1. following the arr of the peace boat 05feb in PPT , a “declaration for a nuclear-free wold ” in french was distrlibuted to partlicipants.
    Could you send the file for local info
    & thanks to Della Rae Morrison

  2. Hi there
    I read the letter [Solidarity Statement from WANFA to the people of Japan] and write to you.
    I was one of the rainbow warrior when “Ohms not Bombs” movement happening in Sydney quite while ago.
    Now I strongly believe our link has re-connected to act our common effort to stop Nuke in Japan and also mining in WA.

    Very unfortunately most of Japanese believe what TODEN’s (TEPCO) information which are pretty much controlled by them, which means they still believe it’s SAFE and not a big problem at all.
    I’ve been working for Earthquake & Tsunami Relief campaign as collecting donation much as I could but even those people complaints about my “NO NUKE” information through our email letter.
    I’m just a person who has standard everyday life, so at this stage I don’t know what I could do. But still I think we need to awaken the people here and act as soon as possible.

    I hope we could share the information and work together some how.

    Best Reagrds

    1. Hi Ken,
      thanks for your message and yes I agree we need to awaken people to stop this now while we can. We have weekly meetings at Lotteries house in West Perth every Tuesday 6.30 pm- 2 Delhi St.
      Also you could join our weekly mailing list to receive updates about what’s happening- you could take part in. If you want any more information or to get more involved e-mail mia.pepper@ccwa.org.au or call 08 9420 7272.
      Thanks – WANFA

  3. I have 2 radio shows on 2 different stations and between them I have a listener-ship of over 350,000. My show is called “The Quantum Leap Let Light Unite” I have had Mary Olson from the NIRS Nuclear Information and Resource Service on my show on 4/19 talking about Fukushima and nuclear. and native Activists from the Dineh (Navajo) Tribe (4/15/16 discussing all their challenge along with the genocide being done to them. I would love to be given the opportunity to do an interview with you so your voices may be heard. I have many shows up on u-tube,

    Cathy Bilsky /Quantum Leap Radio Show 4/15/16
    Special guest Bahe from the Dine (Navajo) tribe discuses supporting Dine resisters in regards to dislocation and cultural genocide ;Leonard Peltier ; Fracking & Oil Pipelines going thru Native Lands; Poisoned Water; Forced Relocation: Looking for Volunteers to stand with them and help the Elders. & More.

    On UPRN radio every Friday Night from 9-10pm PST or 12 -1am EST. at

    Tuesday night from 10 pm to midnight est on revolutionradio@freedomslips.com studio B
    All my Friday night shows are archived here https://soundcloud.com/search?q=cathy+bilsky.

    In Solidarity
    Cathy Bilsky

  4. Hello,

    I am a french sound artist and radio documentary maker (http://faidosonore.net). On november 2019, I will come back to Australia, hosted by the Bogong Center for Sound Culture (http://bogongsound.com.au) in order to a sound piece and a radio documentary about the memories of the nuclear bombings and the current issue of nuclear waste and uranium deposit. I have already planned to go to Maralinga and Barndioota sites and meet some of the radios of the CAAMA network (http://caama.com.au). I am still looking for contacts of native aboriginal people who could testimony about the nuclear bombings and the current stuggle concerning the uranium deposit and nuclear waste. If you are interested by my issue and you have contacts, I would be pleased to speak with you (by mail or by skype before coming to Australia). Last year, I came to do a sound project with the Bogong Center for Sound Culture about the ecological and social changes in the Kiewa valley (http://bogongsound.com.au/projects/gateway and https://soundcloud.com/user-945903241/gateway)

    Hoping to have some news from your organisation, I hope all the best for your struggle.

    Best regards,

    Benoit Bories

    1. Hi Benoit, there are so many people you could meet and talk too – what a great project. I’m happy to put you intouch with some people. Best way to be in touch is through e-mail – mia.pepper@ccwa.org.au If you are going to Maralinga you will find lots of people who remember the bombings or have family stories about the bombings. Are you intouch with CAAMA already? My friend Cat works at the radio station in Port Augusta which is a pretty central place to lots of communities affected by the bombings – cata.beaton@gmail.com (sorry for the sow reply) Mia

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