This week marks 10 years since the ban on uranium mining was overturned by the former State Government in Western Australia. The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) sends a strong message of support and congratulations to the communities who have been so strong in their opposition to uranium mining in Western Australia. 10 years after the ban was overturned Western Australia remains free of any operating uranium mines.

“We are happy to say there are no operating uranium mines in WA today and no immediate likelihood of any mines being constructed. This is a is a great time to acknowledge and pay tribute to the staunch communities who have stood strong, to the supporters the campaign and the stunning country that remains nuclear free.” West Australian ANFA co-chair Vicky Abdullah said today.

The Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) formed in 1997 and is a committed national network of aboriginal and non-aboriginal groups working together to halt the threat of the nuclear industry. ANFA continues to make very real and positive differences and deliver significant results and has played a pivotal role for communities in Western Australia working to protect country and culture from nuclear developments.

Over the last 10 years, ANFA has worked hard to support WA communities challenging unwanted uranium exploration, mines and waste dump proposals.  Today, there are four proposed uranium mines being contested, Mulga Rock, Yeelirrie, Wiluna and Kintyre.  Each community has been very public in opposition to uranium mining and all have been well represented at the annual ANFA meetings.

ANFA Co-chair, Vicky Abdhullah continued:
“Aboriginal people have long resisted and endured the impacts of uranium mining, nuclear testing and radioactive waste dump proposals in Australia.

“This week, 10 years since the WA government overturned the ban on uranium mining with still no mines built is a strong example for Aboriginal communities that if you hold out and stand strong for country – you can win.

We will continue to support the campaign in Western Australia to make sure uranium is left in the ground“ ANFA co-chair Vicky Abdullah concluded.

ANFA 2018 Committee


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