Kalyu – support Martu campaign against Kintyre

Kalyu – limited edition x 200 on sale now – $290 inc. GST (see order form below)KalyuKalyu (water) 2014 limited edition (200) Hahnemuhler 308 photo rag 100% cotton archival rag printed on epson 11880 with Ultrachrome pigment inks. Image size is 550mm x 330mm paper is 610 mm x 400mm


This artwork is a limited edition (200) print, a reproduction of the original painting Kalyu 2014. The painting was first exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney in the exhibition Martu Art from the far Western Desert, Martumili Artists and MCA in October 2014. The artwork was subsequently purchased by the MCA. The proceeds from the sale of this print will be used for the Martu Parnngurr Kintyre campaign to support members of the Parnngurr Community in their opposition of the Kintyre uranium mine. The artists have licensed their work for this purpose.

This painting was created by senior Martu artists in Parnngurr, work commenced in April 2014 and the painting was completed in June 2014. The painting depicts the Martu Native Title determination area in its entirety. While the painting references many aspects of Martu land management and ecological systems the focus of the painting is Kalyu (water). Buried deep below the obvious painted surface and the visible ground surface of the Martu desert lies a vast water table beyond the comprehension of the non Martu viewer. The visual depiction of the water table has been buried deep by layers of paint and story and vegetation but it is there. Kalyu (water) and the many forms of its existence are essential to life in the desert.This painting confirms these artists understanding of this country and their obligation to look after it. They are responsible for its wellbeing, just as their ancestors were and their descendants will be.

“Forever that uranium belongs to that place, underground. But its poison when you dig it up – when it gets exposed. Like a mother carrying a baby…. we are carrying the land, we are that close. This is the reason we hold our children close, our water close, our food, but mainly our waters. We look after our water, our main one Karlamilyi…. One way, leave it in the ground forever. Old people are less but we have more young people being born. We have to look after them. We are talking up for country.” – Wokka Taylor
The painting was created by: Muuki Taylor, Wokka Taylor, Karnu Nancy Taylor, Ngalangka Nola Taylor, Ngamaru Bidu, Kumpaya Girgirba, Jakayu Biljabu, Bowja, Nolene Girgirba.
We acknowledge the support of Martumili Artists and the MCA in supporting the Martu artists to present this work to a large and diverse audience. The original artwork has a special home at the MCA where the intent of its creation can be shared and understood with people from all over the world. We would also like to thank Tony Nathan and IMAGELAB for their support and generosity in the reproduction of this work.



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