T-Shirts for Sale

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T- Shirts for sale! get you’re latest anti nukes t-shirt for just $25 pick up or add $14.80 for postage. 

Call now to order your new t-shirt (08) 9420 7291 

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2 thoughts on “T-Shirts for Sale

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  1. I am a supporter of your cause to ban uranium mining in WA. I would like to buy 2 t shirts to help with your campaigns Do you still have them for sale? If so how do I purchase and could you let me know prices.
    Many thanks
    Denise Whyte

    1. Hi Denise, sorry it’s nearly been a year since you sent this message! how embarrassing. Sorry I admin the page (as a vollie) but haven’t been doing it since I have had a baby. But yes we have t-shirts and they are for sale if you’d still like one you can do a direct deposit and we can post it out to you – should be $20 each for the t-shirts and about $10 for postage. If you are still interested e-mail me at mia.pepper@ccwa.org.au or call me on 0415380808 thanks and so sorry for such a huge long delay in replying.

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