WANFA at Remembering Fukushima Perth

Della Rae Morrison – one of the founders of WANFA was the amazing MC of the Remembering Fukushima event hosted in Perth. Kado Muir- current chairperson of WANFA spoke about the connection between Australian uranium and Fukushima. He talks about how precious the country is and why we must stop uranium mining.

Kado Muir Speaks at Fukushima event in Perth

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  1. Dear Ms Della Rae Morrison, I was on board of Peace Boat in 2011 as one of the atomic bomb survivors of Nagasaki. You joined the peace project representing West Australia Nuclear Free Alliance. Mr. Suenaga who was also on board at the time are interested in the events such as peace walk or rally. If possible, he wishes to participate one of them. I will accompany him as a translator.Please let us know the planned events in 2013. Noboru Tasaki

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